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Dr. Gill Solberg graduated from the Academic College at Wingate with a specialization in posture disorders. For his advanced degrees in South Africa he specialized in Clinical Kinesiology and Adapted Physical Activity for populations with special needs.


He was one of the partners who established the first center in Israel for therapeutic sport and adapted physical activity and for 12 years served as its senior diagnostician and therapist. He was also in charge of hydrotherapy and adapted movement therapy for individuals with postural disorders.


He has been a teacher of movement since 1985 and since 1994 he has been a lecturer in the Physical Education and Movement Department of the Kibbutzim Teachers Seminary and the Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute. His main areas of teaching include Anatomy and Kinesiology of the Movement System, Diagnosing and Treating Postural Disorders, Motor Learning and Control, and Diagnosing Psychomotor Disorders in Populations with Special Needs

He moderates courses and workshops for movement and rehabilitation therapists in Israel and the United States, publishes articles in his areas of specialization and presents his work at many professional conventions around the world.


Author of the book: Postural Disorders and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment. Churchill Livingstone – Elsevier (2021). The book, which was written in Hebrew, has been translated into Chinese, Korean and English. Today it serves as a textbook in most academic institutions and schools of physical therapy in the United States, Europe and the Far East.


In conjunction with Muscle & Motion, he wrote and developed the first and most advanced interactive app in the world for learning human anatomy and kinesiology:


He manages a posture and movement center: The Clinic for Therapy and Center for Enrichment and Learning in Tel Aviv

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