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Movement teacher, college lecturer and moderator of workshops for movement and rehabilitation therapists in Israel and the United States. Director of a studio for posture and movement, a therapeutic clinic and a center for enrichment and learning. Author of the book, "Posture Disorders and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment." Developer, in conjunction with the Multifit Company, of the first and most advanced software in the world for learning anatomy and kinesiology of the human body.

But first, foremost and above all, he breathes and loves movement.

"My father owned a garage and my mother was a yoga teacher. For years I felt that the educational continuum I grew up on ranged from a monkey wrench at one end to an incense stick at the other…But in the end this educational contrast allowed me to reach some sort of balance which is reflected in my professional approach. So, even though I combine a variety of methods in my work – my father's heavy toolbox keeps me well anchored to the ground…and I tend to seek the scientific basis in and for everything. 


The clinic in Tel Aviv offers individualized therapy for children, adolescents and adults with posture disorders and functional limitations of the movement system and motor functioning. 

Clinic staff members are professionals of the first rank in Israel. They are aware of the complexity of the subject, continue to study and conduct research in their fields, and radiate a winning combination of modesty and professionalism.

The spirit of exercise that we aim for is based on attentiveness, observation of the patient's movement patterns and adaptation of exercises to the patient's needs and abilities, employing modifications supported by kinesiological logic and a deep understanding of the human body. As Lao Tse said: With a person, as with working the land… there is nothing better than moderation.

Our staff includes:
Orly Solberg
M.A. Movement and combined arts therapist; therapist for emotional difficulties

Dr. Gill Solberg

Professional management, diagnostician and therapist for posture disorders and motor dysfunction


Maor Elmaliach

A physical therapist at "Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center," Therapist of postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction in a private clinic, certified fitness trainer, has extensive experience in guiding physical activities specifically adapted to populations facing difficulties and limitations within the movement system. M.Sc.PT student.


Rony Solberg

Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, certified gym instructor, provides adapted movement therapy for the elderly

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During the year the clinic hold conducts courses, lectures and in-depth workshops on posture, movement and therapy. This high academic level courses are intended for instructors of any and all methods: teachers of movement, Pilates, Feldenkraiz, yoga, martial arts, hydrotherapy, gym instructors, touch therapists, paramedical therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. 


Recorded Webinar Course By Dr. Gill Solberg

A professional workshop intended for teachers, therapists, and professionals in fields dealing with human movement  and posture. The kinesiological principles covered will enable professionals to find answers to many of the questions that arise in their work.  

For more information press her

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The book "Posture and Movement" deals with the connection between theoretical and practical aspects of human movement and posture with the aim of expanding and enriching the uses of movement for therapy and for daily activity, and improving posture patterns in daily functioning.


The book was received enthusiastically in Israel and around the world. The original Hebrew was translated in Chinese, Korean and English and can be found today in the libraries of most academic institutions in the world. A new fourth edition has just recently been published.

Groundbreaking new app in the field of Human Posture


This comprehensive professional app was built especially for teachers phytherapists and instructors of all movement methods who are interested in deepening their understanding of the anatomical, kinesiological and motor components of human movement and to improve the quality of their teaching and instruction

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Dr. Gill Solberg: Movement diagnosis and treatment of posture disorders and limitations of the movement system


Center for Posture and Movement – Treatment Clinic and Enrichment and Learning Center

13 Kissufim Street, Tel Aviv

Cellphone: +972-52-4689676  


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