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During the year a variety of courses, lectures and in-depth workshops on posture, movement and therapy are conducted. All the courses meet high academic standards and are intended for instructors of any and all methods: teachers of movement, Pilates, Feldenkraiz, yoga, martial arts, hydrotherapy, gym instructors, touch therapists, paramedical therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

Special workshops can be coordinated in advance for institutions that deal with movement or for training teachers and therapists.

The integrative approach to
posture and motor the

For the first time in Israel: A year-long comprehensive professional course for movement instructors and therapists

This intensive professional course was built especially for teachers and instructors of all movement methods who are interested in deepening their understanding of the anatomical, kinesiological and motor components of human movement and to improve the quality of their teaching and instruction. This is an opportunity to learn from top-notch professionals and to raise their own instructional quality by several levels. 


Sample workshop subjects

  • Principles of diagnosing and treating posture disorders and limitations in the movement system

  • Principles of therapeutic applications in sport for children with special needs

  • Techniques for comprehensive psychomotor diagnosis and building adapted therapeutic programs for special needs

  • Normal vs. faulty motor learning and development

  • Applied anatomy, kinesiology and neuroanatomy of the human body

  • Hydrotherapy for posture disorders


A comprehensive professional workshop for teachers and instructors on:

The anatomy and kinesiology of posture

Applicative aspects of normal and pathological human movement




Recorded Webinar Course By Dr. Gill Solberg
A professional workshop intended for teachers, therapists, and professionals in fields dealing with human movement  and posture. The kinesiological principles covered will enable professionals to find answers to many of the questions that arise in their work.  

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Theory to practice: In-depth workshops for teachers and instructors to learn how to apply their knowledge in:

Adapted therapy for improving posture and movement patterns Integrative approach to improving training result


Yoga therapy for people with movement system disorders


Registration has begun for a comprehensive annual course for yoga teachers and therapists. The subject: Yoga therapy for treating movement system disorders: diagnosis and adaptation for normal and pathological human movement. Course participants will acquire many diagnostic and therapeutic tools for working in groups and individually, and expand their knowledge of how to deal with various posture problems


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