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Groundbreaking new premium app 
in the field of Human Posture


This comprehensive professional app was built especially for teachers phytherapists and instructors of all movement methods who are interested in deepening their understanding of the anatomical, kinesiological and motor components of human movement and to improve the quality of their teaching and instruction. This is an opportunity to learn from top-notch professionals and to raise their own instructional quality by several levels.

The professional collaboration between Dr. Gill Solberg and Amit Gal Alon (Muscle and Motion Company) takes the world of human kinesiology a few steps forwards, and creates a compulsory visual tool for every teacher who is interested in deepening his/her understanding of the movement and posture system.

The Yoga app

Dr. Gill Solberg and Amit Gal Alon – enables you to look under the skin and directly observe the world of anatomy and posture during yoga workouts


The program focuses on the anatomy and kinesiology of yoga positions and facilitates a deep understanding of the wisdom of ancient yoga – in the spirit of modern times. The Muscle and Motion Yoga App focuses on applications for adapting yoga to Western life by altering exercises to suite user posture patterns. In this way the program sheds light on complex kinesiological aspects of posture which until now have not been presented with such clarity or with so many possible applications.


All the material is presented visually stunning 3-D, which helps teachers deal with questions that arise during instruction such as: What does this position work on? What could be the source of the learner's difficulty? How do we deal with movement limitations during exercise? Knowledge in these areas enable teachers to work with greater confidence from understanding based on body movement – and thus helping to prevent damage and the use of unsuitable exercises.


Why is this product compulsory for every teacher or learner practicing yoga?

Because through the advanced technology we use, it is impossible NOT to understand! See which muscles are active in each position, deepen your understanding of the effects of common posture problems on the nature of specific exercises and learn how to deal with each obstacle.


The learning system is divided into 4 main interconnected sections.

  • The theoretical section contains hundreds of new learning videos about the human body and the movement system in relation to yoga.

  • A whole section on classic asanas and an anatomical analysis of each position.

  • A comprehensive section describing common problems in each asana and accepted ways of treating them.

  • A comprehensive section on the anatomy of the muscle system in which each muscle and its actions can be viewed in dozens of special animations.

What else does the Yoga app offer?


How the body balances itself

How to deal with balance problems

How to identify the source of the difficulty

Which exercises should be included in training

And much more


Posture disorders in the lower limbs

How to identify functional problems in the foot joints

How to prevent damage to the knee

The reasons for lack of balance in the hip joints

How all these affect the quality of exercise


Applicative emphases in the app

Anatomical and kinesiological analysis of yoga positions

How to identify limiting factors in a position

How to build a balanced lesson to improve results in the lesson


A unique comprehensive section presenting the entire muscular system in 3-D

Viewing each muscle in 3-D makes it possible to gain a deeper understanding of muscle movements and points of connection.


Indications and contraindications in practice:

What is the correct exercise? What should be avoided? How to build adaptations to prevent damage and improve the results of training. And much more


The core muscles and movement

What are the core muscles?

How are they used in exercise?

How can we develop functional control of these muscles?

Which exercises can help to improve static and dynamic posture?

And mor

Using this app for learning – It is simply impossible not to understand

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